The company’s research and development aims to address 3 key issues:


Non-linear analysis and calculation in complex systems, under dynamic conditions, and under pressure


Design development using Building Information Modelling, starting from SCAN TO B.I.M. and arriving at C.A.M.


Study and analysis of seismic vulnerability in load-bearing masonry

Research projects

Our team is motivated by a constant desire for growth and innovation. We are passionate about mainly exploring unknown subjects, which push us to greater commitment and constant learning of new ideas, techniques, and standards. This thirst for knowledge motivates us to always stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in our industry, allowing us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We are convinced that the only way to guarantee high quality service is through continuous research and development.

  • RE-FRESH: Preservation, safeguard and valorisation of masonry decorations in the architectural historical heritage of Piedmont
    2010 - 2013
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    (Fire safety engineering)” case study: IREN Thermoelectric plant
    2020 - 2021


Our company is committed to supporting conferences in the field of engineering and actively participating in them, always addressing new topics and taking risks. We believe that by participating in such events, we can contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in a meaningful way and promote the exchange of ideas in the engineering sector. Each conference is a unique opportunity for us to expand our skills, engage with colleagues and industry experts, as well as share our experiences and best practices.

  • IWSS 2023 CONFERENCE - TORINO (TO): Structural design of “Palazzo dell’edilizia” of Alessandria
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  • ARCH 2023 CONFERENCE - FUZHOU (CINA): Structural diagnosis, dynamic monitoring and earthquake design: assessment and retrofitting of the existing “Ciadel” Arch Bridge
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Corporate theses

Our company is also committed to supporting new graduates writing corporate theses in the engineering field, as we believe they represent our future. Collaborating with young university talents not only offers them a valuable opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to professional practice, but also allows us to benefit from their new and innovative perspectives. Supporting theses also allows us to maintain close ties with the academic world and contribute to the training of a new generation of highly qualified and motivated engineers.

  • ALLASIA Giulia - Seismic improvement of a mixed structure building.
    Supervisor Prof. Chiaia Bernardino, Assistant supervisor Dott. Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • COLUSSI Federico - Application of life cycle cost analysis on masonry structures subject to seismic actions.
    Supervisor Prof. Destefano Alessandro, Prof. Ceravolo Rosario, Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • BUSSO Marta - Reinforcement of masonry structures with FRP with aramid fibres
    Prof. Ceravolo Rosario, Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • ACCOLLA Erika - Modelling and verification of a masonry structure reinforced with FRP, Palazzo Danna D’Usseglio case study.
    Supervisor Prof. Ceravolo Rosario, Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • POLINKINA Nika - Seismic vulnerability analysis of a building adapted with traditional and modern techniques and carried out with a B.I.M. approach.
    Supervisor Prof. Ceravolo Rosario, Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • SALVIO Simone - New urban redevelopment with underground park with B.I.M. methodology
    Supervisor Pro.ssa Osello Anna, Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • CAIRO Pierpaolo - Application of B.I.M. methodology for long steel deck bridge.
    Supervisor Prof. Ceravolo Rosario and Assistant supervisor Dott.Ing. Alberto Andrea
  • MELLONI Claudio - Study of seismic improvement of a logistics warehouse undertaken with B.I.M. methodology.
    Supervisor Prof. CERAVOLO ROSARIO, Assistant Supervisor DOTT.ING. ALBERTO ANDREA
  • LEZAMETA PENA Robin Alberth - Structural analysis and B.I.M. modelling applied to arched bridges, the case of thermal distortion applied to thick profiles.
  • MASCOTTO Lorenzo - Application of B.I.M. methodology in the structural design of arched bridges with cancelled compression: The case of the “Ciadel” bridge.
  • CERUTTI Riccardo - Design of cable-stayed bridge using B.I.M. methodology, case study: Cycle and pedestrian crossing to Verbania.
    Supervisor Prof. CERAVOLO ROSARIO, Assistant Supervisor DOTT.ING. ALBERTO ANDREA
  • FALASCHI Giulio - Implementation of B.I.M. methodology in industry 4.0: Design of a cycle and pedestrian arch bridge.
    Supervisor Prof. CERAVOLO ROSARIO, Assistant Supervisor DOTT.ING. ALBERTO ANDREA